Foster (James) Hart

Foster (James) Hart

Mansfield Lab Research Technician, Former Mansfield Lab MSc Student

Research Interests

Research interests include lignocellulosic chemistry and ultrastructure as it relates to wood quality quantification as well as providing support for students and researchers with their projects with respect to wood quality analysis.


BSc – Wood Products Processing. University of British Columbia (2010)
MSc – Forestry. University of British Columbia (2013)

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

Serapiglia MJ, Gouker FE, Hart JF, Unda F, Mansfield SD, Stipanovic AJ, Smart LB (2015). Ploidy level affects important biomass traits of novel shrub Willow (Salix) hybrids. BioEnergy Research. 8:259-269

De Araujo F, Hart FJ, Mansfield SD (2015). Variation in trembling aspen and white spruce wood quality grown in mixed and single species stands in the boreal mixedwood forest. Forests (Accepted February 2015)

Mansfield SD, Parish R, Ott PK, Hart FJ, Goudie JW (2015). Assessing the wood quality of interior spruce (Picea glauca x P. engelmannii): variation in strength, relative density, microfibril angle and fibre length. Holzforschung (Accepted, March 2015).

Ratcliffe B, Hart FJ, Jaquish B, Mansfield SD, El-Kassaby YA (2014). Genetics of wood quality attributes in western larch. Annals of Forest Sciences. 71:415-424

Hart JF, de Araujo F, Thomas BR, Mansfield SD (2013). Wood quality and growth characterization across intra- and inter-specific hybrid aspen clones. Forests.  4: 786-807.

Watanabe K, Hart F, Mansfield SD, Avramidis S (2010). Detection of wet-pockets on the surface of Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg. by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy Holzforschung. 64:55-60