Liyuan (Lynn) Chen

Liyuan (Lynn) Chen

Former Mansfield Lab Visiting Scholar PhD Candidate (Sept 2015 – March 2018)

Currently PhD Candidate of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University


Family of fasciclin-like arabinogalactan proteins (FLAs) in Secondary Cell Wall synthesis

Research Interests

Plant development is regulated by a gene network. The interest of both bioengineering and botany lead me to use gene manipulation to study plants traits, such as flower determination and secondary cell wall synthesis. As a visiting scholar in Mansfield lab, I am working on how FLAs acting in secondary cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis, since the former studies has shown that FLAs are important in cellulose synthesis. By using Taku Demura’s VND7 system, it’s available to observe FLAs activities fusing with fluorescence gene and native promoter and also to see how the interactions with other important cellulose related genes.


BSc – Bioengineering, Dalian University, China (2007)
MSc – Horticulture, Shanxi Agricultural University, China (2011)
PhD Candidate – Silviculture, Beijing Forestry University, China

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

Xiao L, Li X, Chen L, Wang Y, Li X, Chen F (2014). Genetic diversity of endangered Manglietia patungensis assessed by inter simple sequence repeat and sequence-related amplified polymorphism markers, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. 57:231–237.

Chen L, Chen F, He S, Ma L (2014). High genetic diversity and small genetic variation among populations of Magnolia wufengensis (Magnoliaceae), revealed by ISSR and SRAP markers, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. 17(6).

Awards, Grants, Scholarships

  • Chinese Scholarship Council Joint Doctoral Scholarship 2015-2017
  • Innovation scholarship of Beijing Forestry University 2014
  • Longwood Gardens Horticulture Internship 2011-2012
  • National Nature Science Foundation of China (Project number: 31170625)
  • Science and Technology Commission of Beijing Municipality (Project number: Z121100008512002)
  • Open Project of 985 Project Innovation Platform (Project name: Research and generalization of Magnolia wufengensis seedlings breeding technology, Project number: 1008-005)
  • Research projects of forestry science and technology of The State Forestry Administration (Project number: 2006-39)