Xinyi Huang

Xinyi Huang

PhD Candidate


Investigating the salt stress response of willow (Salix) genotypes

Research Interests

When subjected to saline soil, stress-induced responses will be activated at different levels within individual plants. In my graduate project I’m interested in how soil salinity affects the concentration of metabolites, especially osmolytes and antioxidants, in different willow genotypes. Most of these metabolites can be detected using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In addition, I plan to concurrently make use of transcriptional data, derived from mRNA sequencing, to parallel the metabolite evaluation.


BSc – Seed Science and Engineering, China Agricultural University (2014)


Tao Y, Liu Q, Wang H, Zhang Y, Huang X*, Wang B, Lai J, Ye J, Liu B and Xu M. (2013). Identification and fine-mapping of a QTL, qMrdd1, that confers recessive resistance to maize rough dwarf disease.  BMC Plant Biology, 13(1), 145. doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-145.

Conference Presentations

Huang X*, Soolanayakanahally R, Unda F, Guy RD, Mansfield SD (2016). From tree leaves to root: physiological adaptations to combat soil salinization. Plant Biotech 2016. (Poster Presentation) Kingston, Ontario, Canada. June 19-21.

Huang X*, Soolanayakanahally R, Guy RD, Mansfield SD (2017). Untangling salt stress on growth and photosynthetic performance of Salix spp. Plants From Sea to Sky. (Poster Presentation) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. July 4-7.

Awards, Grants and Scholarships

  • Peter Rennie Memorial Award, UBC (2017)
  • Donald S McPhee Fellowship, UBC (2016)
  • China Scholarship Council – UBC Doctoral scholarship (2014-present)
  • Donald S McPhee Fellowship, UBC (2015)