Mansfield Lab Members

TOTAL 14 Lab Members =  8 PhD, 3 MSc, 1 PDF, 1 Research Associate, 1 Research Technician

Current Students

  • Lisanne de Vries PDF (2019 May)
  • Melike Karaca Bulut MSc (2019 Jan) Using genomic selection for improving tree traits
  • Jaco-Pierre Van der Merwe PhD (2018 Sept) The impact of altitude, soil geology and soil depth on P. patula solid wood properties for structural timber and plywood production.
  • Sydne Guevara Rozo PhD (2018 Sept)
  • Felipe Onate Carvajal PhD (2018 Jan) Engineering plants to reroute carbon influx in the shikimate pathway to branching pathways
  • Elizabeth Mahon PhD (2017 Jan) Engineering plants to include novel monolignols during plant cell wall lignification
  • Heather Mackay MSc (2016 May) Identification of the poplar gene that encodes for a p-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA monolignol
  • Reilly Ische MSc (2016 May) Characterization of poplar biochar for ultrastructure properties and its response on plant growth and productivity
  • Xinyi Huang PhD (2014 Sept) Investgating the salt-stress response of willow (Salix)
  • Emily Murphy PhD (2013 Sept) Genetic transformation of native Salix spp from seed
  • Nicholas Ukrainetz PhD (2013 Jan) Integrating genomic selection into the lodgepole pine breeding program in British Columbia
  • Yaseen Mottiar PhD (2012 Sept) Rewiring Lignin Biosynthesis

Research Associate

  • Faride Unda PDF (2012 Oct – 2018 July) Functional genomics comparison of Poplar varieties

Research Technician

  • Foster Hart MSc (2013) BSc – Wood Products Processing. UBC (2010), MSc – Mansfield Lab, Faculty of Forestry, UBC (2010)

Former Lab Members – see Alumni

Last updated: May 2019